Sending a Newsletter with Drip

Allow your subscribers to pick and choose email preferences. Deliver proper messaging based on those details. Never second-guess your recipient list.

We'll walk through exactly how to implement a real-deal newsletter, step by step, using Drip.

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Use a Ghost Campaign

A campaign typically with have a sequence of emails delivered over a period of time as evergreen content. With a ghost campaign there are no emails, but we use the campaign as our way to tell which newsletter messages someone should or should not get.


Why Emails in a Campaign Don't Work for a Newsletter

Subscribers enter a campaign at different times. They begin with the first message which is most likely outdated info for a newsletter.

Adding new emails to the end of a campaign also wouldn't ensure everyone gets that message at the same time. It's a slippery slope that's best avoided.

Can we use tags or custom fields?

It's not a good idea. Using a ghost campaign gives more flexibility.

If we used tags, the subscriber has no control to add or remove themselves from certain messaging.

The same is true for custom fields, so a ghost campaign is definitely our best option.

Give the Subscriber Control of Messaging

The campaigns subscription feature is extremely helpful in this case. It'll let a subscriber manage which newsletter messages (aka campaign) they want to be subscribed to.


We can see above Elmer is subscribed to three newsletters:

  • Marketing Campaign
  • Special Offers
  • Product Updates

...and he has unsubscribed from Weekly Promotions. However, if he'd like he can easily click the reactivate button to get those newsletter messages again.

That's exactly why using a ghost campaign is so powerful.

How to Send the Newsletter Emails

Your newsletter messages are designed to go out at a specific, designated time. A broadcast message is perfect.

To make sure only the proper individuals get your newsletter message we'll use our ghost campaign to define the recipient list:


We're allowing subscribers to pick and choose which campaigns they subscribe to, which in turn help us define the recipient list for those newsletter messages.

In the broadcast we send out our filter would be: Campaigns > subscribed to > the ghost campaign

That is the gist of it all! Check the video below for a visual walk through of what we've covered above.

Watch the step by step video for guidance