Lead Generation

Turn anonymous visitors into identified contacts.

Whether it’s collecting an email address, first name, or phone number—lead generation is a cornerstone of website success.

How Do I Get Leads?

Without the ability to offer information or a product that people want, you’re going to have a lot of trouble generating leads.

What’s your content? A blog post, a bunch of articles? Do you produce killer videos, or edit images in an awesome way? Is there a service you provide or physical good you make that can’t be found anywhere else?

Whatever it is you do, it will work. Just as long as you have something.

Something that makes you unique. It has to set you apart from the pack.

The Formula & Funnel

Ads & Social Media

Potentially the easiest and most beneficial way you can generate leads.

Buying ads, specifically on social media like Facebook and LinkedIn can help you target highly qualified leads on your website.

The greatest thing about utilizing ads on social is your target audience will have self identified themselves.

If you have an online store for pet toys you could target people that:

  • Have pets
  • Live in a geographic area
  • Are interested in pet toys
  • Purchase online

Those self identified leads are golden.

Social media ads help you place the right content in front of only the proper individuals.

Landing Pages

For the love of everything in this world, do not send ad traffic to a regular page!

You’d be better suited throwing your dollar bills into a wishing well, praying for a return.

What’s wrong with a regular page?

When someone clicks a link to visit your site, they did so to deliberately receive details related to that link. So you better deliver!

Remove any possibility of distraction. That’s why a landing page is best.

So what does a successful landing page include?

Landing Page Best Practices
  • Never use your homepage. This seems obvious, but a treacherous mistake far too common.

  • Remove the navigation menu. Don’t give someone the option to click away if you can help it.

  • Keep it simple.
    Bring home the point and offer a clear action step. Do not “fluff” it up.

  • Ask for only what you need. This is usually just an email or email and first name.

  • Pictures! People get sick of reading. Spice it up with a visual. Make sure the image relates to your landing page offer.

  • Provide a method of contact. You need ways for someone to easily get in touch with you.

  • A compelling offer. It’s the reason someone landed on your page in the first place. Make them an offer they can’t refuse!

Content Upgrades

One of the best ways to offer a website visitor additional information in exchange for their email address is a content upgrade.

I’m going to offer you a content upgrade right below. Take advantage of it!

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If you opted in you’ll see exactly what I mean.

If you didn’t opt-in you’re missing out on one of the easiest things you can do, but nobody thinks about.

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