Domain Names

Domain Name

A domain name is your address on the internet. A unique identifier that represents who you and your brand are.

When you type Groupon into your address bar you expect info on coupons/deals, because that’s what Groupon represents. You know this because of their branding and how it’s marketed to you.

The same exists for the website name you choose. Picking a domain name that suits you is essential when building your online presence.

Why would you pick a .com, .biz or .io?

The ending of your website’s URL is called the domain extension.

Your extension determines if the websites URL will be .com, .org, .gov, .biz, etc.

Choosing the right extension for your website is equally as important as the domain name you pick. For example, having a .com instead of a .biz builds more credibility. A .biz site isn’t perceived as strong as a .com site.

When is the last time you visited a .biz site?

Situations do exist when other domain extensions may fit better. If you’re targeting users specifically located in Australia, for example, a site may be more appropriate than a .com site.

New Domain Extensions & New Potential

With new TLDs being added such as .photography, .training, .careers, .xyz, plus many more, a wide variety of possibilities arise. You can take advantage of this to create niche sites and capitalize on an opportunity for various domain extensions where a .com might not be available.

It’s all about being creative!

For a full list of available domain extensions, visit this Wikipedia article.

How do I purchase a Domain?

Quite easily! It’s a thrilling experience when purchasing your first domain.

Show Me How to Purchase a Domain!

Many domain registrars make it a simple process. Enter the domain name you want, add it to your cart then checkout.

Where can I purchase a domain?

There are lots of domain registrars to buy your domain from. Find one that suits your needs and stick with them.

Having your domains registered with one entity is a great organizational tool. Being able to track when your domains expire and how much renewal costs will be can be simple when it’s all at one place.

If you have it spread out between multiple service it can become tricky very fast.

Here are some domain registrars I like and have used in the past:


Picking your website’s name doesn’t need to be difficult. Being smart about choosing the name and extension will go a long way in building credibility, authority, and traffic for your website.

Check out these tools to help you nail down the best domain name for your site:

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